How police do things on the telly…

Some rights reserved by freefotoukYou known the scene. We’ve just seen it on “Scott and Bailey”, but it’s been repeated in cop shows time and time again.

The DI stands in front of a dozen detectives and reels off a list of things she wants to be followed up:

I want CCTV checked for the garage and the house. I want house-to-house to find out if anyone saw anyone leave the house or arrive or leave the garage, or saw the car coming or leaving. I want to know who he’d pissed off and who he’d had arguments with. I want to know whether he had a lover….

And the list goes on. The dutiful detectives write down every word and the meeting ends.

So what happens then? Well, it’s one of two things:

1. Everyone does whatever they fancy on the DI’s list and things end up being done two or three times or not at all.


2. A second meeting is held to go through the list and allocate action owners from amongst the detectives, so everyone knows who’s doing what, nothing gets missed and nothing gets done twice or thrice.

Photo: Some rights reserved by freefotouk


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