Downing Street 'clarifies' who is and who isn't covered by the Press measures

….allegedly. The problem is that it seems they are talking about the Royal Charter.

But as I explained earlier, the main issue isn’t the charter, it is the amendment to the Crime and Courts Bill, which appears to leave tweeters and bloggers open to exemplary damages if they haven’t joined one of the self-regulation bodies.


3 thoughts on “Downing Street 'clarifies' who is and who isn't covered by the Press measures

  1. They’ve obviously got themselves into an almighty mess over this.

    Politics Home says Downing Street excludes Guido because “he’s more gossip than news-related content and doesn’t have any staff”. But the text of the charter, in defining “news-related”, specifies “gossip about celebrities, other public figures or other persons in the news” as one of the three categories. And according to the charter a publisher is “a person” – nothing about employing staff.

    Obviously they need to define things properly in the charter, rather than leaving the charter ambiguous and trying to patch things up through press briefings by people who apparently haven’t even read the charter …

  2. I still can’t get my head around the fact that there are two quite different definitions of “relevant publisher”, one in the royal charter, and the other in the Bill (Guido still seems to qualify under both, to my mind).

    I wonder if the draft text of the royal charter is going to be brought into line with the definition in the Bill, or what.

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