Hello – New York Groove

new york grooveYesterday, I overheard my daughter singing “I’m back in the New York…”

This triggered a distant memory so, after obtaining formal permission in triplicate, I opened her bedroom door and enquired as to the precise lyrics of the song she was singing.

The song was “New York Groove”. The reason my daughter was singing it is due to its being the theme song to one of her favourite TV programmes, NY Ink.

The song was originally a hit for Hello on the silvery labelled Bell Records in 1975. NY Ink uses the Ace Frehley version from 1978. I have the 45rom seven inch vinyl record from Hello in my collection (just don’t ask me to find it….).

The song was written by the great Russ Ballard, prolific song writer and lead singer of Argent. He also wrote “God gave rock and roll to me” which Argent recorded and which became one of Kiss’ main songs. As a piece of coinky-dinky, bringing these reminiscences to full circle, Ace Frehley was lead guitarist with Kiss.


2 thoughts on “Hello – New York Groove

  1. Fabulous! I thought everyone had forgotten about ‘Hello’. I first saw them live on the set of Top Of The Pops in 1974 with ‘Tell Him’. They were fantastic, and I then realised that the song had been a hit for the Exciters in 1963, which took me off onto another path of obscure 50s and 60s R n’ B which I still seem to be treading! Other acts on the show that November included David Essex, Queen doing ‘Killer Queen’ which was eye opening, Everything I Own by Ken Boothe, (Hey There) Lonely Girl mimed by Eddie Holman and to all round shrieking, All Of Me Loves All Of You by the Bay City Rollers. All introduced by, now then, now then.. Jimmy Savile. I saw no knee tremblers in the studio corners whatsoever. You just had to get out of the way when a camera zoomed towards you…

    • Wonderful memories! With the exception of JS. Hello were produced by Mike Leander who also produced the Glitter Band and……

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