"I'm leaving the Lib Dems"

…Is a phrase we’ve heard a couple of times in the last few days from very committed and talented people, as a result of the secret courts shambles.

Those who are angry should channel that anger into helping the seven LD MPs (who voted for the Labour amendments) to get re-elected. Cambridge is lovely, so is Edinburgh West. So is Westmorland and Lonsdale – exquisite countryside. Let’s all go there and help those who stood up for Liberal Democrat principles.

I’m with the “hunker down” camp. The trouble is that you can only flounce out of the party once. Then what do you do for kicks?

Nick Clegg was three when I first started supporting the Liberal party. I started very young. I was a member or supporter of the party for 37 years before Nick Clegg was leader and I’m not going to allow a passing condition make me give up. God willing, I will be in this party long after Nick Clegg has moved on.

You could see the moment he stood for the leadership that he would cuddle up to the Tories and develop Stockholm syndrome. He’s not David Penhaligon, who worked on the shop floor at Holmans. He’s not Paddy, who ate frog sandwiches and was unemployed. Nick’s CV gives you a clue as to how he behaves in office. One of his life experiences was shopping with his mother at Waitrose in Henley.

But Nick Clegg is a passionate Liberal.

…He just has to work at it.

…Very hard.

We should bear in mind that the “leadership team” was split down the middle on the secret courts vote – with the Party President and Deputy leader of the parliamentary party voting for the Labour amendments.

Bear in mind also that 12 Lib Dem MPs abstained or were not present for the Labour amendments votes.

Also, I doubt Nick Clegg would have led MPs to vote for the bill against the advice of someone who has been an advocate, off and on, for 45 years and a Queen’s Counsel for 31 years with a track record of championing human rights and civil liberties causes. I refer, of course, to Sir Menzies Campbell.

People have blamed Nick quite rightly. But please also try blaming Menzies.

…Not so easy, huh?


One thought on “"I'm leaving the Lib Dems"

  1. Why does someones background make it harder to argue about their position on a single issue (or collection of issues) ?

    Take Peter Goldsmith, a talented QC, Judge etc. Apparently he was Co Chair of the International Bar Associations Human Rights Institute, so a good track record in human rights…

    He may have done great things before but did that make his advice on Iraq good????

    Most people I have seen commenting blame all those who chose to support this, including Ming.

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