Doctor Who, the Lib Dems and my old school combine in one glorious event

Pall Mall - Some rights reserved by Leonard Bentley(Notice that I put the most important one first, dear fellow blogger).

It’s been quite a weekend. Brighton on Friday for the conference. Birmingham on Saturday morning for the Cross Country championships. Then it was on to the Army and Navy Club in Pall Mall (see photo), London (gulp).

The latter was the venue for the Old West Buckland Association London dinner this year. I attend every so often. This year I went specially to hear the main speaker, Mr Tucker, who is the one remaining master/teacher left over at the school from when I was there shortly after the waters receded from the Great Flood.

The Doctor Who bit from the title was provided by my meeting author Brian Aldiss at the event. He is a really dear gent. As well as being a prolific author of science fiction and general fiction, he wrote a Doctor Who short story called “Umwelts for Hire”, published in Doctor Who Brilliant Book 2011.

Someone popped up and asked “Are you the Paul Walter who writes (wrote) for Lib Dem Voice?” and there followed a marvellous natter about things Liberal Democrat.

We were all yapping until we were thrown out of the room at midnight and then we yapped more outside on the pavement, for lack of a bar.

A great occasion, topping off a great weekend!


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