What about all this scandal, then?

I’ve always enjoyed Channel 4 News and have great respect for the journalists on it, including Cathy Newman.

Liberal Democrats mired in scandal, meet at Brighton and blame the media – was the story last night.

If we take the two ‘scandals’ in turn:

Rennard – we have two inquiries plus the police review in train. We should let them do their job. One inquiry is headed by a female QC, the other by an eminent advocate for women’s rights in the workplace.

Last night, Nick Clegg made an excellent speech covering the issue. Jo Swinson in her speech, and Danny Alexander on LDV, have provided, IMHO, sufficient explanation of the events of 2008 – as much as they can without compromising the inquiries.

But of course, the moment someone answers one set of questions, the microscope is screwed up to another level of magnification and another set of more detailed questions gets asked.

Perhaps the media should put some of their focus on Paul Burstow rather than endlessly pursuing Jo Swinson – who I think has done the party a great service in both this and the Kennedy drink farrago.

Huhne/Pryce. This is a human, personal tragedy – a family tragedy. But, we’re told Miriam González Durántez and Vince and Rachel Cable were told of the allegations and failed to notify Policeman Plod about them.

Ah. Well. Let’s just step back and look at the one.

So, they’re saying that someone who has just been formally convicted by a jury of perverting the course of justice mentioned at her trial, rather like a drowning woman clutching at straws, that she had told everybody and their aunt about the allegations. But hang on a minute. Those people deny they were told. And Vicky Pryce was also telling the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Times about the allegations and they came out in the media soon after. The police then started investigating.

So Vicky Pryce is implying that other people should have told the police what she was telling to the media and which the police investigated anyway.

It’s all a bit vague and daft.


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