A film called "Lose-Lose" is waiting to write itself!

Any budding playwrights or screenwriters out there? You could do worse than sharpening your keyboard to attempt a script based on the Huhne/Pryce scenario. It’s got the lot:

-A woman scorned
-A woman of Greek descent scorned, nonetheless, cue the bouzoukis and “Zorba’s Dance” as the plot unfolds
-Stanstead Airport (don’t knock it)
-A fast car with a personalised numberplate
-High politics
-High civil servantry and economic wonkery
-Personal failings on a classical scale
-Revenge gone wrong
-Inexplicable daftness
-Trying to wriggle off the hook
-Trying to implicate others at the last moment
-The Great British Jury
-The not-so-Great British Jury
-A Judge allegedly lying to the police
-More twists than a turkey twistler
-Arrogance and fatal flaws by the yard

A real whirlwind, as the protagonists whizz around and around, as “Zorba’s Dance” gets faster and faster and they finally get nabbed and are “guilty”. It would be a real Greek tragedy but for the fact that no one died.

I suggest a good title for the film or play would be “Lose-Lose” (the opposite of “Win-Win” – see what I did there?)

The real tragedy is for the children of the family. I hope the flippancy of this post does not underplay that.

What a crazy, daft, stupid, idiotic episode on so many levels! This sort of thing only seems to be happen to highly intelligent people for some reason.

Why didn’t she just cut his suits up?


2 thoughts on “A film called "Lose-Lose" is waiting to write itself!

  1. ..and their media training didn’t tell him that any crisis is a spectator sport? We love to watch it all fall apart. And boy, didn’t it fall apart dramatically this week.

    His son telling his father that he was a complete wanker and the delicious recorded phone call between Vicky and Chris where she tried to trap him into saying he’d forced her to take the points was tantamount to hearing a slow car crash.

    Like you I feel so sorry for the kids. What a joyful media circus it will be tomorrow when they both turn up for sentencing. She with her lawyer, and he with his new man….

  2. I was listening to PM on radio 4 with growing incredulity as they played various taped bits of evidence. Nobody comes out of this well, do they?

    The problem with it as a play is who does one fix on as an identification character? None of them is appealing or likeable…

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