Will this survey receive the lowest score of any survey anywhere ever?

Well it’s being sent out at a very opportune time for members to have a damn good moan about secret courts…. I am afraid I descended into what Boris calls “exisential epithets” (about secret courts).

Dear Paul,

Nothing is more valuable to the Liberal Democrats than our members and we value everything you’re doing to add to the Party’s success.

We want your feedback on the benefits you get as a Party member. That’s why we’ve put together this survey:

Tell me what you think: please complete this online survey today.

On the basis of previous survey feedback we have streamlined and (hopefully) improved the communications that you get as a member.

The survey also covers some more general issues we would like your view on. The answers you give will feed into the work we’re currently doing to review and improve our service to you.

Best wishes,

Tim Gordon
Chief Executive, Liberal Democrats

PS Thanks to everyone who took part in the Eastleigh by-election, whether on the door, on the phone or on the web.


4 thoughts on “Will this survey receive the lowest score of any survey anywhere ever?

    • I got that also. So I ticked the “highly satisfied” for all, and thenit took me back tothe beginning of the survey and then it worked.

  1. The survey ‘Should the UK have elected police commissioners?’ had the lowest number of responses but, the sample group was small anyway.

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