The full list of how Liberal Democrat MPs did or didn't vote in last night's Justice and Security Bill amendments

It is sometimes a good thing to actually go through the list of how MPs vote in controversial divisions in the Commons, and consider every name.

In the vote on Labour’s amendment which was 298 no against 225 aye:

7 Lib Dems voted Aye:
Crockart, Mike
Farron, Tim
Hemming, John
Hughes, rh Simon
Huppert, Dr Julian
Mulholland, Greg
Teather, Sarah

38 Lib Dems voted no:
Alexander, rh Danny
Baker, Norman
Beith, rh Sir Alan
Birtwistle, Gordon
Brake, rh Tom
Browne, Mr Jeremy
Burstow, rh Paul
Burt, Lorely
Cable, rh Vince
Campbell, rh Sir Menzies
Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair
Clegg, rh Mr Nick
Davey, rh Mr Edward
Foster, rh Mr Don
George, Andrew
Gilbert, Stephen
Hames, Duncan
Harvey, Sir Nick
Heath, Mr David
Horwood, Martin
Mark Hunter
Kennedy, rh Mr Charles
Lamb, Norman
Laws, rh Mr David
Lloyd, Stephen
Moore, rh Michael
Munt, Tessa
Pugh, John
Reid, Mr Alan
Rogerson, Dan
Smith, Sir Robert
Stunell, rh Andrew
Swinson, Jo
Thurso, John
Webb, Steve
Williams, Mr Mark
Williams, Stephen
Wright, Simon

12 Lib Dems abstained or were not present:
Mike Thornton (not sworn in)
Roger Williams
Jenny Willott (maternity leave)
David Ward
Ian Swales
Bob Russell
John Leech
Lynne Featherstone
Malcolm Bruce
Adrian Sanders
Annette Brooke
Mike Hancock (sick)

In the second vote, which had 226 aye and 297 no, the votes and abstentions were the same with the exception of Roger Williams, who abstained in the first vote but voted “no” in the second.


5 thoughts on “The full list of how Liberal Democrat MPs did or didn't vote in last night's Justice and Security Bill amendments

  1. Worth noting that our newest MP, Mike Thornton, was only sworn in today, so couldn’t have voted last night. There’s a chance that his first votes could come on Thursday, when the remainder of the Report Stage and then the Third Reading of the Bill come round. Apparently Tim Farron is away so won’t be voting, but maybe Mike will be taking his place on the “rebel” list….

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