Anger? Puzzlement, more like

Sir Menzies Campbell - Some rights reserved by The Department for Culture, Media and SportThere is furious anger in the Lib Dem blogosphere and amongst activists about last night’s votes on the Justice and Security Bill. I don’t seek to belittle it.

I just don’t share it. Maybe I am getting too old for this anger malarkey.

I’ve looked through the list of people who voted against the amendments and see Charles Kennedy, Sir Alan Beith and Sir Menzies Campbell there.

These are people I respect and who I don’t think vote based on the motivation of cuddling up to the Tories, or because they want a job in the future or because they have been befuddled by a SPAD.

I just wish there was some decent explanation forthcoming from one of the 40 MPs who voted against the amendments as to how they square this with the principles of the Liberal Democrats.

It is very frustrating not to have such an explanation, on a vote which is in direct contradiction of a specific vote of the party at the last conference.


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