RIP Kevin Ayers – Stranger in blue suede shoes

imageKevin Ayers was very much part of growing up for me. His music was often played around the house by my brothers. My brother Andy can probably claim to have the largest and most well-kept collection of Kevin Ayers’ albums in Cornwall.

So it was sad today to hear of the great man’s death.

Here, in tribute, is one of his many excellent album covers (right) and a track which is one my all time favourite tunes – “Stranger in Blue Suede shoes” from Kevin Ayers’ 1971 album Whatevershebringswesing – below on YouTube. I should mention that the superb piano playing, which gives this track its special “zing”, is from David Bedford.

A few years ago, I downloaded this track from iTunes, imagining, rather farfetchedly, that the small royalty cheque for such a purchase would bring a thrill to Mr Ayers in the south of France. We can all dream.


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