New look for Liberal Burblings

I hope the reader likes the new look of this site.

I had to do a revamp for various reasons. While doing it, on the spur of the moment, I remembered a photo I took last week of the Houses of Parliament. I used a tripod for it, plus HDR (High dynamic range mode) and I processed it via Photomatix, which made it look fantastically good. (Photomatix will make even the most mundane photo look as though it was taken by David Bailey). You’ll notice that the sun is shining on the elected end of the building, while there are clouds gathering over the unelected end – very appropriate!

There’s also a bit of scaffolding and polythene up on one of the spires, which is very appropriate for our continually “work in progress” constitution!

I am now using the Yoko WordPress theme, which is superb. It is specially designed to adapt itself to look good on mobile and tablets.


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