Humble pie consumption of the day

Michael Gove - some rights reserved by conservative partyMichael Gove is an awfully nice man. I’ve heard from at least two people who’ve had detailed dealings with him that he is one of the most polite politicians on the face of the earth.

But he caused consternation when he announced the end of the GCSE to be replaced with single subject exam boards and an “English Baccalaureate Certificate” (a bit like a “English French thing”).

So let’s enjoy his words today:

…one of the proposals that I put forward was a bridge too far. My idea that we end the competition between exam boards to offer GCSEs in core academic qualifications and have just one wholly new exam in each subject was one reform too many at this time.

…I have …decided not to make the best the enemy of the good, and I will not proceed with plans to have a single exam board offering a new exam in each academic subject.


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