Richard III and good teeth

imageSay what you like about Dicky Three. When he died aged 33 he had damned good teeth.


3 thoughts on “Richard III and good teeth

  1. Not only he had damn good teeth which means his smile was white and pleasant, but generally Dickon was a very attractive man – just look at his features!

  2. Richard’s contemporaries stated often enough that he was very handsome. At 5 ft. 8 in he was taller than the average Englishman of his day and much taller than the average European male. He was everything the hedious Henry Tudor was not.
    Tudor’s face was “crooked” with one eyesocket lower than the other. His teeth were rotten and black.

    Richard’s spine was probably snapped or broken when his body was forced into the small gravesite. Curvature of the spine does not look like this.

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