Why I strongly support the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012-13

There appears to be an increased fracas over this bill as it approaches its second reading in the Commons.

As an earnest Christian (and by the way I only use that phrase once in every 20 blue moons), my approach is guided by two elements:

1. I don’t think some people have the right to enforce their “norms” on everyone else in society. I might not have a particular, given lifestyle but that does not give me the right to enforce any particular idea of “the norm” on others in civil society.

2. I always think of the boy or girl, going through pubescence. Someone’s son or daughter. Starting to understand their sexuality. It is enough torture when you are discovering feelings which have been considered “normal” in society, let alone when they are feelings which one sees are not regarded equally in general by society. I hope and trust that allowing same sex couple marriages will at least relieve some of the pain and anguish of teenagers growing up, because at last there will be a tangible acceptance by society: “You are equal”.


One thought on “Why I strongly support the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012-13

  1. I would be except for the church ‘opt-outs’. I would regard myself as agnostic in spirit, but Christian in principle; however, I feel some Churches are less than Christian in some of their outlooks: women and gays.

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