Watching Alan Titchmarsh…all in the cause of being a loving uncle

imageI do watch Loose women and Bargain Hunt most days. But it is with the sound turned down in the gym. It all seems quite good, until I actually heard Loose Women and it all sounded a bit daft, and actually listened to the blessed Tim Wonnacott alma mater of my own school, West Buckland, and he sounded like a retired colonel with a cucumber up his bum.

But in the last two days I have actually had to listen and watch a significant portion of the remarkable scion of civilisation that is called The Alan Titchmarsh Show. It is daytime television at its finest…..which isn’t very fine. Dear me. I could go on, but model Paula Hamilton showing her ripped fur coat today was enough….

Anyway, I hear you not crying “Why were you even passing a second of your day watching Titchmarsh dear Burbler-in-chief?”

Answer: My very beautiful and lovely neice, Layla Walter, has appeared on the show during the last two days. So I couldn’t miss her, even if it meant watching a load of other crud. Blimey she looked beautiful.


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