Nigel Farage does not represent the British

Some rights reserved by Tim EllisYes, he’s a jovial cove who enjoys a drink, a rant and a laugh. …Like a retired major you’d find propping up the bar at a Henley-on-Thames pub at 10.50pm. He talks so much that you are finally only able to focus on his tonsils, as his mouth is open so much.

But on Question Time last night I finally saw Nigel Farage for what he is. All his answers were narrow-minded and quite disgustingly focussed on a single agenda of harping on on about pulling up the draw bridges on England.

A couple of examples.

I would just say that I have a lot of good friends and colleagues who are Bulgarian or Romanian. Indeed, in my office, I sit next to a British-naturalised Romanian. I have enjoyed an excellent holiday in Romania.

It was revolting to see the huge, enormous, grotesque Farage mouth open disgustingly to mouth appalling bile about Romania and Bulgaria. Quite breathtakingly disgusting, it was. We’re rich bastards and we shouldn’t let in these poor ****s. That was the message.”We’re going to open our doors to 28 million Bulgarians and Romanians” he said. Oh **** off, Farage. We’ll be lucky if we get 200,000. Why the heck will they come here when they can go to Italy or 25 other countries?

Then we had a discussion about horsemeat.

And Big Tonsils has to lower the tone by saying that we’re all eating salami with donkeys in it.

Being British is about being tolerant, being in a country permeable to all cultures and being, in many respects, at the centre of the world.

It doesn’t mean being intolerant, greedy selfish bastards, as the constant Farage barrage would seem to want to characterise us as.

But thank you, Nigel, you have finally given me fire in my belly to fight all you silly Little Englanders.

Photo: Some rights reserved bŷ Tim Ellis


11 thoughts on “Nigel Farage does not represent the British

  1. The problem is surely, Paul, that the rise and rise of UKIP (to a high, so far, of 16% in the polls) is that the previous Labour administration allowed completely unfettered immigration, despite the utter bollocks they spun about control. Even in the New Statesmen there has been dark talk of a deliberate open borders policy during the Blair/Brown years for cheap immigrant labour.

    It’s a classic move that people in times of recession when they feel uncertain about their jobs and family cohesion will seek someone to blame and vote for those who they feel will protect their interests. Farage is an astute politician. Constantly denying he wants high office; endeavouring to project himself and his party as the people who represent middle England interest, he is bound to tap into anger about vanilla politicians who have never had a proper job in their lives. Labour has a great deal to answer for in terms of encouraging devolution and that daft idea of regional bodies which fell apart very quickly. Is it really surprising that UKIP are riding high when you add it all together and a disconnected electorate?

  2. Yes Mark, unwittingly, Labour allowing unfettered immigration shat strait in the nest of many of its core voters. I’m afraid that despite my being sat on the fence with the EU question, I’m pushed over to the dark side every time I hear the phrase ‘Little Englander’. Especially from someone who doesn’t primarily regard themselves as English (only joking)!

  3. I must also comment on the “We’re rich bastards and we shouldn’t let in these poor shits.” He might be saying that, but we have millions who are not and are about to have it even harder when even more unskilled labour hits the market place (on top of the current wave of highstreet redundancies we are seeing). All the while we have a million unemployed youths.

  4. This article is total rubbish, fact is he represents britain and thats why we will be voting for him while watching the death of the most out-of-touch party we’ve ever had the misfortune to be burdoned with – LibDems, good riddence i say, once UKIP takes power no other party will ever get a vote again

  5. Yes Nigel Farage does represent the British actually.

    I voted Labour all my life until I saw a video of Farage standing up for the British in the European Parliament.

    He’s the ONLY British politician for the last 40 or maybe even 50 years who’s stood up for the British people.

    So yes, he DOES represent the British.

    I’m joining UKIP and they have my vote now!

    No doubt this’ll be censored as you come across as just another anti-British Fascist.

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