Poignant, haunting, contemplative video/single from Bowie

David Bowie 2 - Some rights reserved by heartonastickHappy 66th Birthday David Bowie! Well done on getting this far and thank you so much for giving fans a wonderful surprise reverse birthday present! I refer, of course, to his new single “Where are we now?” – on YouTube below.

When I first heard a clip on Radio 4’s Today this morning, I thought it sounded like a load of old tosh. After all, as I reminded myself (bearing in mind I am a long-standing fan – “Rebel, Rebel” was the third single I bought) he has put out quite a lot of rubbish over the years, in amongst all the gems.

But I have now seen the video, downloaded the single from itunes and listened to it several times. It is great. Poignant, contemplative. Just the ticket for oldies at my advanced age who do like a good contemplate.

Of course, as with all Bowie offerings, it has that most unusual hallmark of Bowie’s oevre – it is quite different from anything else he has done. And the video, though rather strange, is exceptional.

His voice is in quite a high range for him. That creates the plaintive feel of the song. And I love the way the drums come in at the end.

And the video is quite a hoot. Those faces on the puppets!

All in all, this Bowie fan, at least, is extremely happy today!

Well done to the master. He has survived and he continues to surprise us! What a genius!

Photo by heartonastick


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