New child benefit arrangements – "complex"? Well, isn't everything these days?

Oh dear.

Another of my posts starting with the words “Oh dear”.

We are told that the new child benefit arrangements are “complex” and that people are confused by them.

Yes, they are complex. But, then again, they are roughly as complex as the National Lottery, a trifecta horse bet or the plot of the average edition of “Casualty”.

Get over it, people. The Treasury wonks have come up with a good, workable solution for the political problem of child benefit. It is absolutely right that those earning above £60,000 do not receive child benefit, and the solution for those earning between £50k and £60k is elegantly fair.

Let’s face it, if you can’t fill out a self-assessment form online, you don’t deserve to be earning £50k plus, you numpty! (Of which, I suspect there are few, if not none).


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