Astonishing revelations about Andrew Mitchell bicycle incident

License Some rights reserved by DFID - UK Department for International DevelopmentChannel 4 News/Dispatches/Michael Crick revealed some astonishing facts concerning the Andrew Mitchell cycle incident, now known as “Plebgate”.

You can read a summary of the revelations on Channel 4’s website here.

It is reasonably fair to say that the whole affair potentially appears to have been a complete “stitch-up” of Andrew Mitchell.

No doubt the wheels of justice will turn and finally bring the truth well out into the open.

In the meantime, I offer two observations.

First, one would hope that a post-Leveson environment will put paid to this sort of travesty happening in Britain.

Second, in the middle of the furore about this incident in September, a friend of mine from Liverpool offered the observation that it is often sensible not to completely trust the police. That may turn out to be somewhat prescient.


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