A bit of nostalgia – Russ Conway

I am usually a Today man on the way to work, but occasionally I need light relief and try something else. This week I tried Chris Evans (who Gerard Butler had difficulty in understanding last night on the One Show. He kept on asking him to repeat himself).

This week, Chris Evans played a beautiful mix from Carole King and then launched into old joanna hits from Russ Conway and Mrs Mills. It’s a shame he didn’t also sling in Winifred Atwell, but ho-hum.

Hearing Side Saddle again made me appreciate what a beautifully produced record it is. There’s a lot going on in there. (I can’t find the name of the producer via Google. And actually finding my copy of the 45 version of it would take hours, so I’ll have to leave her or his identity unknown to me.) It sounds as if there are two pianos being played but I suspect it is just the magical skill of Monsieur Conway.

Anyway, that got me Youtubing later and I found this wonderful black and white recording of Russ Conway playing Side Saddle on the Billy Cotton Band Show. In later life, Russ Conway had fears about performing from time to time. But, in this recoding he seems to do it all like a machine. And all with only nine and two third fingers by the way (he lost the tip of one finger in a bread slicing machine in the Royal Navy during the war}.


2 thoughts on “A bit of nostalgia – Russ Conway

  1. Thanks for posting this – l had the great pleasure of working with Russ for over ten years – we founded THe Russ Conway Canver Fund and filled theatre’s with our fund raising charity gala charity shows

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