Press: We must have an independent regulator with statutory powers

I’m afraid that the audible contents of my car, coming home from work this evening, could not be shared in mixed company. I was driving along minding my own business when Trevor Kavanagh came onto PM.

Trevor Kavanagh is a very plausible smooth talker. There is one problem with him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

He speaks on behalf of Murdoch.

And notice how active the likes of Kavanagh have been recently. Notice how often the word “state” and the phrase “state-controlled press” has been repeated ad nauseam.

The problem is that it is ad nauseam. I feel like being sick when I hear this utter claptrap in the light of what happened to Robert Murat, the McCanns, Chris Jeffries etc.

And before they talk complete BS about the need for a free press, we should really ask ourselves: Is falsely accusing someone of murder on a repeated basis, and then not apologising, in the public interest? Is that the kind of “investigative” journalism that enhances the reputation of the British press?

Of course not. Kavanagh and company are talking total and utter codswallop.

Anyone who has tried to complain to the PCC knows that it has been pathetically weak. Totally pathetic. And this was the result of several iterations of “something must be done” over many years.

Having an independent regulator which has some powers under statute is perfectly consistent with a free press, is a million miles from “state control” and will at least prevent some of the most monstrous abuses of the British press that we have continuously seen in the past.


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