Time to rename and relaunch the BOTYs

“Blogging” is not dying – although in the narrow sense that most people associate with the term, it is greatly reduced.

“Blogging” (and particularly that type of Blogger/Wordpress blogging which has been associated with the Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year awards (BOTYs) – where you fire up an old steam-driven computer and sit there for two hours (or more) beautifully crafting and recrafting a highly erudite, well-researched, terribly witty and (for most people) tediously long, elaborately discursive University standard essay which is read by twenty highly erudite people who mostly went to University) is something which is now still practised by a few hardy people and still has a great deal of merit.

I often book a week off work to read some wonderful posts.

But I think we need to change the name of the awards because to continue to associate them with such a ridiculously small niche and “old fashioned” practice, however meritorious and enjoyable (as it is) is ludicrous.

I’d be very keen on a tweet of the year within the awards. Given the skill shown by the likes of Stephen Fry, Graham Linehan etc and many in our throng, it is an art in itself to say something witty and worthwhile in 140 characters. Maybe several tweet of year categories would be appropriate…

Tumblr post of the year? Instagram photo of the year? Flickr photo of the year? Whatever-the-next-flavour-of-the-month-on-the-internet-is of the year?

I see Twitter as blogging, by the way – micro-blogging if you like. But the name “Blog of the year” doesn’t suggest that to most people (even if we might think that is wrong – yes, I know purists will say Twitter is blogging. But the wider world isn’t in tune with that sort of terminological exactitude).

I just think we need to change the name and bring in up-to-date categories because otherwise the awards will be forever associated with a quite old-fashioned form of “blogging”, rather like attaching the awards like a dinghy to a large concrete block that dooms them/it to sinking into the ocean.

But I know I am on to a losing wicket here….(by the way).

By the way (again), it is not compulsory for award names to be double, or even single, entendres (oooh missus).


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