Judith Bunting is overwhelmingly elected Liberal Democrat PPC for Newbury constituency

It was a real honour to be present at the members’ meeting to elect the new Liberal Democrat PPC for Newbury constituency this evening. The choice of candidates was very wide, with each presenting a very different case in a variety of styles.

Judith Bunting was overwhelmingly elected. By my calculations she received 95% of the first preferences. She really stood out throughout the campaign. Her style of presentation was extremely poised and articulate. She came round and spoke with most members during the campaign, and took great trouble to learn about people’s concerns about West Berkshire. She very much addressed those concerns in her speech, which was particularly inspirational on the subject of education in the “pockets of deprivation” in West Berkshire. Judith gave an engaging reply to all the questions.

I’m delighted with the result and wish Judith all good luck with her campaigning in West Berkshire.

The evening also included a tribute to David Rendel from one of our most senior members, Chris Marriage, which received an enthusiastic standing ovation. …And standing ovations in the Lib Dems are as rare as hen’s teeth, believe me.

My photo above shows Judith Bunting being congratulated by David Rendel shortly after the result was announced.


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