Today, I had an alarming but ultimately life-enhancing experience

This morning, my hair (singular) was cut by a barber of Turkish extraction.

At the end, he produced a long stick with cotton wool at the end of it, asking:

Would you like the hair in your ears burnt?

Well, I’m game to try anything once, so I said “Yes”.

He then poured some lighter fuel (or something similar) on the cotton wool, lit it with a cigarette lighter, and proceeded to burn the hair off my ears – the bits inside and on the outside. I have to say it was a bit alarming. He really did burn my ears, it felt.

Has this been checked by health and safety?

– I joked

I have to say, it worked a treat and I won’t scream so much next time. The guy in this video, which demonstrates the practice, seems to take it remarkably calmly. I’m afraid I failed the “cool” test!