Julia Gillard kicks proverbial posterior

During a recent holiday I read The Australian. Cue: H.M.Bateman-style cartoon: “The Guardian reader who read The Australian”.

Anyway, one episode, which I enjoyed through the pages of that organ, was J.Gillard’s press conference stymying The Australian’s attack on her past legal history.

The girl from Barry certainly knows how to kick proverbial posterior when the occasion rises. She has done extraordinarily well to keep her government afloat on a wafer thin majority, thanks (“but no thanks”?) to the support of all sorts of odd-bods including the “Three Amigos”, aka the “Mad Hatters”.

Of course, Australia is a wonderful country of vast, vast resources – particularly space. Some might say it’s wasted on Australians (excluding the Indigenous population, of course) but I would disagree with them. If it wasn’t for the Australian rough and tumble society and that edgy sense of humour, we’d have to invent it.

And what else would get your average YouTube watcher looking at 15 minutes of parliamentary footage other than this priceless, skilful piece of personal skin-saving by Julia Gillard?

But then, isn’t that what women are often criticised for? That they can’t get “down and dirty” when the occasion requires it? Well, this is one hell of a woman who can certainly get down and dirty…

This is a classic. Enjoy (if you haven’t already).


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