When do you actually get an oxyacetylene torch and melt someone's name off a plaque?

With the denaming of several Savile memorials, the questions arises…

When I was in Australia I was intrigued by a plaque at Rex Lookout in Queensland. It is made of brass. Someone has taken an oxyacetylene torch to the name of the person who unveiled the plaque and actually melted their name, so you can’t read who it is.

It did say that the person was the Member of the local parliament for Barron River in 1982. A quick Wikipedia search showed this to be one Martin Tenni.

Further quick searches revealed that his “sin” was to have been investigated by the Fitzgerald Inquiry in the late 1980s.

Wikipedia states:

The Fitzgerald Inquiry (1987–1989) into Queensland Police corruption was a judicial inquiry presided over by Tony Fitzgerald QC. The inquiry resulted in the deposition of a premier, two by-elections, the jailing of three former ministers and a police commissioner who was jailed and lost his knighthood. It also led directly to the end of the National Party of Australia’s 32-year run as the government of Queensland.

Mr Tenni still stimulates anger to this day.

So now we know what motivated someone to go all the way to Rex Lookout to melt a name off a plaque…. It seems doubtful that the name melting was officially sponsored. It looks like the plaque has been subject to other vandalisation, now rubbed off.

My photos show the plaque and the beautiful, nay breathtaking, view from the lookout.


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