Blogging is in good health – the stupid bubble has gone

There were a lot of round spherical objects around in the heady days of the height of what we call “blogging”.

There was a great deal of navel gazing and mutual onanism.

Stupid, idiotic annual awards and league tables. Bloody silly “memes”. People (including myself) going mad on blogging. A lot of back slapping. The word “hat-tip” was a personal object of hate of mine.

Hardly anybody read the things. Indeed, I heard research once that said that most blogs were read by one person. The person that wrote it.

And there were a lot of unnecessary words.

I am a great lover of Twitter. It stops you being too verbose. It is really good for sharing links, which used to take up a whole post. And photos. And there is still blogging for longer posts.

We’ve entered a more mature era where there are a range of online vehicles for sharing views: You Tube, Flickr, Twitpic, Twitter, Facebook, comments on mainstream media sites etc etc.

Blogging is best when it is personal, short and pithy.

If I needed to answer the question: “What’s the point of blogging these days?” I would point very firmly to blogs like Caron’s Musings.


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