Recommended viewing: The Clintons

I have been slowly working my way through “The Clintons”, a three part documentary recently broadcast on BBC2. It’s available now on BBC iPlayer. There is nothing remarkable about the production of the documentary itself, although Zoë Wanamaker is a superb narrator. But the bringing together of all the pieces of the Clintons’ story makes for absorbing television.

I swear there is a toy – but I can’t quite think of it specifically – which you knock down repeatedly and it repeatedly gets back up again.

Well, that’s Bill Clinton.

Gary Hart. Remember him? No, most people don’t. (One of his claims to fame is that he, in general terms, warned of 9/11.) Just like Clinton, he was once a Democratic front-runner for President, who got accused of an extra-marital affair (with Donna Rice). But Hart sank without trace and Clinton got back up again, again and again. That’s what has made Clinton great.


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