Wrestler suspended for 30 days after bout which left Lembit hospitalised

Huffington Post has the story and video of the bout last Saturday, and the wrestler himself, Kade Callous, has tweeted of his suspension.

Just consider the stats for a moment. Kade Callous is a trained professional wrestler. He is 25-years-old, 6’6″ and 20 stone in weight (280 lbs). That’s B-I-G and fit.

Lembit Opik is a politician. He is 47-years-old. I would estimate that he is about 5’11” and around 13 stone in weight.

OK, it was a tag match and Lembit had a professional partner.

But there is something very sad, pathetic, even disturbing, about Lembit being pulled over the ropes like a rag doll, and subjected to a “back breaker” and then a body slam, before the medics were called and he was stretchered off to hopsital.

I hope Lembit recovers well from this.

I admire Lembit’s courage to go into the ring, despite it being a silly and misguided adventure.

Not for the first time, I am left scratching my head and thinking:

What on earth does Lembit think he is doing?

Couldn’t he find a safe desk job somewhere?

I found the words of Kade Callous rather chilling:

Lembit is a fame whore who came to my show trying to take my little bit of limelight. He tried to make a fool of me.

How much of a fool would I have looked backing off from this weedy old man. Lembit, you created this situation. This is your fault.

When you knowingly and willingly set foot in the ring I’m going to try to hurt you. I am gonna hurt you. I want to hurt you bad. Not because I’m in any way sadistic. But because that’s what needs to be done.

You are not a wrestler; you are not trained to be a wrestler. You are some D-list celebrity that thinks he can make a quick buck in the world of pro wrestling, I am going to cripple you.


4 thoughts on “Wrestler suspended for 30 days after bout which left Lembit hospitalised

  1. Mr Callous seems to have got it about right. Though I’m sure some of us would have said (quietly) to Lembit
    ” I say, old chap, do you really think this is quite wise?”. Lembit is not D list, he’s Z list.

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