Innovative BBC drama on gang murder

I recommend watching BBC3’s My Murder here on iPlayer. It’s a really accessible and moving drama telling the true story of 16 year-old Shakilus Townsend, who was killed in a “honey trap” gang murder in 2008.

Mixing real CCTV footage and 999 recordings with acted scenes, it tells the tale from the point of view of the victim, Shakilus. For example, at the end, he describes, in chilling detail, the injuries he received. You then see scenes from his funeral, and his (actual) mother speaking tearfully of her lost son. You then see images of the gang who were put away for long stretches in jail for “joint enterprise” murder.

I’ve been thinking deeply about the utter senselessness of knife crime recently, spurred by a local murder. I have to say “Well done BBC” for this superb modern drama which eloquently and powerfully portrays the shameful stupidity of knife crime.


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