LibDems resist plan for regional public pay

The Mail reports:

The Liberal Democrats are resisting Chancellor George Osborne’s plans to bring in regional pay bargaining for  public sector workers, it emerged last night.

A source close to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said there will be nothing in tomorrow’s Budget on the issue, and that Lib Dem ministers were arguing against the plans in Cabinet.

One in the eye for Alex Salmond

This’ll wipe the smug grin off his face (or perhaps probably not). The Shetland Isles and the Orkneys are threatening to go it alone and opt out of potential Scottish independence.

From the Telegraph:

The Orkney and Shetland islands could remain part of the UK if the rest of Scotland votes to separate, according to a report submitted by their MSPs to the Government.
The islands could even declare independence themselves, it adds.
Alternatively, they could agree to join a separate Scotland only if they are granted a much bigger portion of North Sea oil and gas revenues, around a quarter of which lies in Shetland’s waters alone.
Tavish Scott, the Liberal Democrat MSP for Shetland, agreed the threat was political “dynamite” but questioned why Mr Salmond was the only politician who could use oil wealth to argue for self-determination.
The paper, submitted to the Coalition Government’s consultation on the forthcoming independence referendum, concluded the islands should exploit the ballot to negotiate a more advantageous constitutional settlement.