Cross fuss: Calm down dear

Oh dear. I am great fan of Archbishop Sentamu but I think he is being a little unfair on the government over the wearing of visible crucifixes. You can read the story here. The government has every right to make a representation about the cases going to the European Court of Human Rights.

I sympathise with the two ladies involved. But there is nothing in the bible, from my reading of it, that talks about wearing a visible crucifix. I really don’t see the issue with wearing a crucifix under ones clothes when one is working. I occasionally carry a crucifix in my pocket.

The two women have every right to take their cases to Strasbourg. The government has every right to make a representation on the cases.

Note: The two people making the biggest fuss about this are either present or past columnists for Rupert Murdoch Sunday rags. I refer to Archibshop Sentamu (Sun on Sunday) and former Archbishop Carey (ex News of the World). Perhaps there is no coincidence here. Writing a weekly newspaper column in those sorts of papers does rather obligate oneself to often assume the “open” position for one’s mouth when “closed” would be a wiser setting.