Romney stumbles on…

When asked for a message for Mitt Romney yesterday (after Romney labelled the President “feckless” on foreign policy) Barack Obama said “Good luck” to Romney for the Super Tuesday pirmaries. When pressed he said “No really, good luck”.

One can understand that. Increasingly, Romney is looking like damaged goods.

From Political Wire:

First Read notes Mitt Romney’s ratings in the latest NBC/WSJ poll have slid to 28% favorable to 39% unfavorable.

“In fact, Romney’s image right now is worse than almost all other recent candidates who went on to win their party’s presidential nomination: Obama was 51%/28% and McCain was 47%/27%, per the March 2008 NBC/WSJ poll; Kerry was 42%/30% at this point in ’04; George W. Bush was 43%/32% in 2000; and Bob Dole was 35%/39%. The one exception: Bill Clinton, in April 1992, was 32%/43%. That means that if Romney becomes the GOP nominee, he has a LONG WAY to go to rehabilitate his image.”

With US unemployment falling more rapidly than many predicted, and the GOP primary season dragging on way past Super Tuesday and perhaps to the Tampa convention, Romney is getting shredded. It is difficult to see him as a winner in November 2012.

If you want to buy publicity, one expensive way to do it, is to seek an injunction

One would have thought that the case of Ryan Giggs would have dissuaded anyone from seeking an injunction to prevent publication of private matters.

The man appears to have spent a fortune on lawyers, with the result that his private affairs have become vastly more public than they would have been, had he just stayed schtum and allowed the story or stories to blow themselves out.

‘Footballer has affair with girl’ last about 12 hours in the national consciousness.

‘Footballer deploys half the British legal profession to try to shut away private affairs’ lasts years in the national consciousness. The story will, no doubt, appear in the long distant event of Ryan Giggs’ obituary.

So, imagine the situation. You are a cabinet minister. You have a son who has taken some steroids to overcome an injury. He happens to be a prospect for the England junior Rugby side.

If you do nothing, the story will appear on page 14 as three lines in the broadsheets and as a one day wonder in the tabloids.

If you spend £65,000+ on lawyers’ fees you can seek an injunction which, in all probability, will lead to vastly more publicity for the case.So what do you do?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the emotions involved in protecting a child – a teenage boy. But you have to wonder, have some people got more money than sense?