In praise of Fanny Craddock, Johnny Craddock, Lord Bonkers and male chastity devices

In fact, this is a piece about amusing titles. I chuckled at Lord Bonkers’ Diary’s title:

Lord Bonkers’ Diary: Fanny Craddock and the Great Train Robbery

…But I am one of that dwindling band of people who remember dear Fanny and her hubby Johnny – who was a sort of pre-Denis Thatcher.

And then I saw that title at least equalled, if not trumped, by this one on Political Wire, a US website by Taegan Goddard which is so engrained in my daily routine that I want it somehow represented (possibly on an outsized iPad) at my funeral:

Santorum Good for Chastity Belt Sales?

(You could take that two ways if you are a reader of Urban Dictionary)

I clicked on the link to Amazon female chastity belts and was amazed to see that there are in fact chastity devices available for….ahem…..gentlemen. Amazon sell one called a CB-6000S which features:

Numbered plastic locks included (which) allow wearer to go through metal detectors without setting off alarms

Well that’s the worst that could happen isn’t it? Go through a metal detector at Heathrow and the darned thing goes off like a Christmas Tree because one is wearing one’s male chastity device.



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