War Horse cinematographer Janusz Kaminski deserves an Oscar

Part of our “back to nature” experience earlier this week was a visit to the Magic Lantern cinema in Tywyn. What a marvellous place! And we saw “War Horse” which is a fantastic film. It gets a bit schmaltzy at the end, but generally it is superb.

I was particularly impressed by the cinematography. The pictures of the horse going through no-man’s land and the trenches are just mind-blowingly brilliant.

Janusz Kaminski is the cinematographer responsible. He deserves an Oscar for “Warhorse”, which will be his third. There is one shot of the horse running towards the camera along a trench, with bombs exploding in the darkness behind him – it is just stunning and deserves an Oscar on its own – just for that shot.

I hope Kaminski gets an Oscar and I hope “Warhorse” gets plenty of other Oscars.

And I hope “The Iron Lady” gets none (Pass the spittoon!).


Carol Thatcher's "A swim-on part in the goldfish bowl"

During my stay up eight trees, I read through Carol Thatcher’s “A swim-on part in the goldfish bowl“. It’s an entertaining little book which relates some aspects of Carol Thatcher’s childhood, which I found engrossing. It then relates the story of Maggie Thatcher via little anecdotes.

The style is all a little bit “jolly hockeysticks” for me.

But Carol Thatcher deserves full marks for broaching the subject of her mother’s dementia.

It is a shame that her honesty was rather taken advantage of by the makers of “The Iron Lady“.