Will the last person left at The Sun please turn the lights off?

Crikey. A breathtaking list of arrests this afternoon. The fact that Rupert Murdoch has been compelled to say that he is committed to continuing to publish The Sun, gives us some measure of the extraordinary nature of these events.

Metro reports:

Deputy editor Geoff Webster, picture editor John Edwards, chief reporter John Kay, chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker and reporter John Sturgis are reported to have been arrested on suspicion of corruption, aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office, and conspiracy in relation to both offences.
A 39-year-old Surrey Police officer, a Ministry of Defence employee, 39, and a member of the armed forces, 36, were also arrested at their homes on suspicion of corruption, misconduct in a public office and conspiracy.
They are all being questioned at police stations in London, Kent, Essex and Wiltshire after the arrests were made between 6am and 8am this morning.
News Corp – the parent company of News International which owns both The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times – said its Management and Standards Committee (MSC) had provided the information which led to the arrests.