It really is cruel to let Opik make such an exhibition of himself….

Someone should have said: In the name of all that is sacred, STOP!

The song is very good in a strictly audio sense. It’s just such a shame it will ever be linked in my mind with this pathetic waste of effort.

….And his suit trousers seriously need dry cleaning.


Is Andrew Lansley on his way out? And will he take the Health and Social Care Bill with him?

…We can only hope.

But today comes breathtaking evidence of Downing Street briefing against Lansley, via Paul Waugh:

Rachel Sylvester has a cracking column today (Times £) in which she quotes a No.10 source saying: “Andrew Lansley should be taken out and shot. He’s messed up the communication and the substance of the policy.”

Another insider says:”We’re back to square one. Andrew Lansley is just a disaster.”

Strong stuff!

Plan to give iPads to MPs

The Sun reports that, after a ‘successful’ pilot, there is a proposal to give iPads to all MPs. Saves paper, allegedly.

Most of them already have smart phones. It seems bonkers to give those who have smart phones iPads as well.

And can you imagine Sir Peter Tapsell producing an iPad from his silk waistcoat to catch up with his email? He’d be more likely to put it in the corner of the room and address it on the subject of 19th Century British Prime Ministers.