Another unforced gaffe from Romney

Even a candidate for the most lowly local public role would know not to say things like “I like firing people”.

When you’re candidate to be President of the United States you’d expect such words not to leave your lips.

Except Mitt Romney has an uncanny habit of saying things – like the firing quote above – which awkwardly fit the picture his opponents want to paint of him.

This week he said “I’m not concerned about the very poor”.

This from a candidate fighting the image of someone who made money out of firing people and lives a life of luxury including having his shoes shined by someone (not), and who is beastly to his dog.

It beggars belief that he would stumble into such a bear trap. It wasn’t as if he was under pressure from a US Paxo equivalent. These things come out from him when he is under the least pressure. It’s extraordinary.

OK. Each of Romney’s gaffes can be explained and put into context, and they then sound reasonable. The shoe shine was a mandatory shoe inspection by the air safety people. The dog was “in an airtight kennel” on the roof of his car (airtight?!). But in these days of video mash-ups it’s remarkable that Romney is so careless with his words.