Wise words on Cameron's EU veto

[captionpix imgsrc=”http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2479/3986665427_b3e710409b_b.jpg”%5DFrom Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian:

Whatever the letter of the rules, the reality is that big decisions affecting Britain’s economy will now be taken in rooms in which Britain is not present and has no say. Soon, foreign-owned banks may wonder what sense it makes to be based in London, out on the margins. Cameron and his party are toasting what feels like a victory. In time, it may come to taste like defeat.

EU flags photo credit: Some rights reserved by dawe2k5


One thought on “Wise words on Cameron's EU veto

  1. As it is likely to have been the same banks who lobbied against an EU agreement (like the transaction tax), I am not sure if that is totally true.

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