That Louise Mensch HIGNFY mullering in glorious full techniclour

She thinks that if she smiles a lot she can get away with fog-horning out the most ludicrously reactionary views. Well, she was made to look very silly on Have I got news for you last night.

First, Ian Hislop mullered her argument that Liam Fox was the victim of media misbehaviour. But it is this wonderful massacre of her view on the St Paul’s cathedral protesters which should be particularly savoured:

The programme can be watched in full on BBC iPlayer here.

Hat-tip: Liberal Conspiracy and @latentexistence.


5 thoughts on “That Louise Mensch HIGNFY mullering in glorious full techniclour

  1. Hi Paul,

    Actually, that was the one bit that I really didn’t like. Sure, Ms Mensch made a typical politician’s “flip” comment (the sort of thing that probably works well on the ConHome comments) and it was right that they say the protesters point isn’t *just* cancelled out by them having a latte from Starbucks.

    But I thought the other panellists went rather beyond that, almost into bullying her.

    She tried to make a joke. It wasn’t funny. They should have just given her a verbal slap down and left it.

    The monstering they handed out gave her no room to back down, hence having to just grin and bear it.

    Those protesters don’t have a solution and they wouldn’t actually want to give up the benefits of capitalism (like those lattes). And to say that Louise Mensch’s comments have no merit at all just because she made a silly gaffe about coffees… well, that was exactly what they were accusing her of doing, wasn’t it.

    Ever so slightly, Merton and Hislop do have a lot of power and no one ever calls *them* to account for how they use and abuse it and nor do they have to stand for election.


  2. Fair point, Richard. I didn’t realise she had made a joke. It seemed she was trying to make a serious point, which she elaborated on several times. I have now watched the clip six times.

  3. She was totally serious in her point and i’ve have seen her throwing out ideas that protests should have time limits this week … really, what she fails to notice is OWS is not anti capitialist, it’s anti –

    Too big to fail
    Taking risks then getting bailed out by the tax payers
    Owning politicians

    Last I check Apple, Starbucks and tent makers didn’t cover any of these points.

    I’m glad they called her out on bullshit, she ran her mouth against Piers Morgan when she was protected and then chickened out when he interviewed her. She is a typical political weasel.

  4. Her initial comment just made me roll my eyes rather than make me angry. It was something a cynical 14 year old might say. However, her response when challenged on it was as flippant and overly defensive as Paul McMullan (former NOTW journo) was when celebrities challenged his attitute towards phone hacking

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