You can’t put an 8% result down to a few remarks in the blogo/twittersphere

Lembit Opik at the Roundhouse
Creative Commons License photo credit: salimfadhley

The delusion continues. Lembit Opik is quoted in the Evening Standard today as follows:

Ever since I was first enticed into entering the fray as a potential candidate, I’ve experienced a remarkable degree of antagonism and aggression from certain Lib-Dems.

But we should look at the actual result courtesy of @markpack:

First round
Brian Paddick 1,289 (42%)
Mike Tuffrey 1,232 (40%)
Brian Haley 316  (10%)
Lembit Opik 252 (8%)
Total valid votes: 3,089 

Second round
Brian Paddick 1,567 (51%)
Mike Tuffrey 1,476 (49%)
Majority: 99 (2%)

So, out of a total of 3089 first preferences, Lembit Opik got 252, or 8.2%.

You can’t put such a calamitous result down to a few remarks in the comments string of some LibDemVoice articles. That’s patronising to London LibDems and it ignores, rather insultingly, the strength of the two main candidates.
Sooner or later, Lembit Opik will need to look at himself to find answers.
I’d like to congratulate Brian Paddick on being elected candidate, and to congratulate Mike Tuffrey on running him such a close second. Given the recent riots, it’s going to be exciting to listen to Brian’s contribution to the debate in the coming months.

3 thoughts on “You can’t put an 8% result down to a few remarks in the blogo/twittersphere

  1. I think you are missing the point. This was seen as a two-horse Race from the beginning, most of us wouldnt want to “waste” 1st preferences on the other 2.

  2. But as Lembit Opik was fourth on 1st preferences, he was eliminated after the first round. That’s how STV works isn’t it? Are you saying that comments on LibDemVoice persuaded 80-odd per cent of the electorate to downgrade Lembit Opik from 1st to 2nd preference?

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