Chris Huhne cleared by Electoral Commission over election expenses

The Electoral Commission have cleared Chris Huhne over his expenses for the last general election. The Commission’s full report is here.

The Commission found that website costs had been under-reported by the “minimal” amount of £10.15. However, it also found that leaflet costs had been actually over declared by £194. Overall, the Commission found that the total expenditure of the campaign was “within the spending limit.”

All fascinating stuff. This all must be very frustrating indeed for our friends Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) and Mr Harry Cole. They beavered away for months in their Sunlight Foundation to come up with a complaint to the Commission which, as is often the case with their work, seemed a “slam dunk case” when you looked at it for 0.2 seconds. Unfortunately, as the Commission has now confirmed, when you actually thought about it for more than 0.3 seconds, their whole case unraveled like a family portion of spaghetti boulognese hitting the kitchen floor.

But we should admire Messrs Staines, Cole, Fawkes and Sunlight. They certainly gave their complaint a fantastic fanfare and defended it with the most almighty vigour and energy.

You only have to look at the comments on this LibDemVoice post.

Guido was up very early at a few minutes to 7am to say:

We ain’t finished yet

Notice the Royal “We” – meaning “me and my lad”.

In retrospect Guido’s comments are hysterically funny. Yes, let’s have a DAMN GOOD LAUGH at this retort of his to Mark Pack:

You are becoming the Comical Ali to Huhne’s Hussein. My tanks are real and we have him in firmly in our sights. He won’t survive.

“My tanks are real”. Hilarious!

And have a look here at the tweets of @MrHarryCole for 4th June. He breathlessly reports how the fruit of his labour is being reported on Sky News. Later, he is beside himself as he tweets that the story is third on the BBC’s Six o’clock news, adding with unconcealed glee: “available for comment etc”.

Yes, indeed. They both needed a clean change of knickers on 4th June at Guido Towers. It is an interesting commentary on our new 24 rolling rowlocks news/Tweetjerk world that such a steaming pile of unmitigated horse manure gained any traction at all.