The Sun gets it wrong

The Sun’s leader today declared:

Time is running out for this Government to get a grip.

The starting point is to shove the feeble Lib Dems aside and for Conservative ministers to start behaving like Conservatives.

That is, by cutting taxes, they mean.

There is one fatal flaw with this theorem. So far, the most significant tax cut of this government was implemented at the insistence of the LibDems (namely taking 800,000 lower earners out of tax altogether). It would therefore seem unwise to “shove” aside those very tax cutters.

We owe Norway a tree

Creative Commons License photo credit: nrkbeta
Sky News have photos and bios of some of the Utoya victims. Seeing the photos brings home the senseless waste of bright, lively kids. It’s like Liberal Youth being decimated.

A commentator has already suggested the following, so I am seconding it. Oslo has quietly sent us a big tree for Trafalgar Square at Christmas every year since 1947, to thank us for our help during the war.

Having seen the quiet dignity and fortitude of the Norwegian nation in the last few days, I think we owe them a tree in return.