Cameron’s top ten mistakes – more please!

PM David Cameron
Creative Commons License photo credit: UK in Italy

Cross-posted from Liberal Democrat Voice

In the Telegraph, Tim Montgomerie, editor of ConservativeHome, outlines the results of a recent survey of Tory party members.

1,500 of them were asked to name “what they saw as Cameron’s three biggest errors”. The resulting Top Ten makes an extraordinary epistle from Planet Tory. Several of the points on the list would be regarded by many as Cameron’s greatest non-mistakes:

  • “Supporting climate change policies” – mistake? Well, perhaps only when ConHome add the highly debatable non-sequitur of “…that will increase energy bills”.
  • “U-turn on NHS reforms” – mistake? Hell, no. “Hurrah!” – Say many of us.
  • “Agreement to Nick Clegg’s participation in the election debates” – mistake? If so, more mistakes please.
  • “Not making defence spending a priority” – thank goodness for mistakes like that.
  • “Not campaigning on immigration” – ditto

There’s a few other old Tory favourite “fings ain’t what they used to be” laments implied in the list – like the “mistake” of “opposing grammar schools”.

And there is one “mistake” with which I would agree – the “Big Society” aka “the big platitude”.

But overall, I am left with this reaction upon reading this crie de couer from the Tory heartlands:

Has the news that they didn’t win the last general election not yet reached the Tory faithful?

It seems they have not yet fully digested the news.

You can read the full article at the Telegraph.