Guardian apologises to The Sun

From @Sun_Politics:

The Guardian apologising to The Sun in its edition tomorrow re false Gordon Brown allegations. Not something you often see.

Guardian: “We incorrectly reported Sun had obtained information on the medical condition of Gordon Brown’s son from his medical records…

In fact the information came from a different source and the Guardian apologises for its error”.

The exquisite occasion of the Assistant Sergeant at Arms summonsing the Murdochs

Am I alone in enjoying the exquisite vision of the Assistant Sergeant at Arms of the House of Commons delivering summonses to Rupert and James Murdoch? I think it is that little bit of Madame Tricote, which we all have in us, coming out in me.

There is irony here. Rupert Murdoch is, apparently, getting his come-uppance at the hands of an apparatus which was set up by his right-wing soulmate, Mrs Thatcher – namely a Commons Select Committee.

There is already speculation that Jon Stewart on the US Daily Show will spend at least ten minutes on this element of Murdochgate. Oh how those yanks will laugh at pictures of men in tights!

After all, the Assistant Sergeant at Arms, on red letter days, can be seen resplendent in tights and breeches, and armed with a sword. While the actual Sergeant at Arms is a woman, the assistant is a man, Lawrence Ward.

There is also something of a coincidence in that the last people summoned to a Select Committee were Kevin and Ian Maxwell, scions of another press magnate and erstwhile arch-rival of Murdoch.

I’m not normally one for tradition. But in this case I’ll make an exception. There is something exquisitely ironic in this all-powerful Aussie/US global media giant finally getting his come-uppance at the hands of a tights-wearer.