Those crazy Taiwanese animators surpass themselves on the News International crisis

An absolute classic! I particularly enjoyed the Guardian ship firing a cannon into the side of the News of the World ship! These guys are geniuses!

Was July 7th 2011 the day the Digger finally got his comeuppance?

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: World Economic Forum

Philip Stephens writes a sort of obituary for the Murdoch empire in the FT (free registration required), which concludes:

As always, though, News International operated with a ruthlessness and on a scale that left its rivals behind. Within the industry, the News of the World was said to be “out of control”. Mr Murdoch has bungled his response at every turn. Instead of acting decisively when a dam of new allegations burst last year, he backed a failed strategy of evasion and obfuscation. Now he has run out of time. Ms Brooks is beyond saving. So, probably, is Mr Murdoch’s last big media dream. Nemesis is fast catching up with hubris.

You can read Philip Stephens’ full article in the FT here. I strongly recommend taking a few seconds to register at the site. They have some great articles there and you don’t have to pay (unlike at some newspaper websites).

I am beginning to think that it is inconceivable that Murdoch should be allowed to takeover 100% of BSkyB. Absolutely inconceivable. Cameron cannot do it. Saint Vincent of Cable gets the last laugh? I hope so.

Two points occur about the “News of the World” transfer to the “Sun on Sunday”:

1. Lawyer Mark Stephens last night mentioned that the closure of the News of the World could lead to the destruction of that newspaper’s records. I hope Inspector Knacker of the Yard is onto this ruse. IMHO the police should visit Wapping and impound all the News of the World’s records. It might be a big operation and require a big warehouse/server to hold them all, but it is justified.

2. The News of the World is not being closed. The title will change to the “Sunday Sun” or “Sun on Sunday”. Let’s face it. In layman’s terms, the staff at the News of the World ought, therefore, to have the right to transfer to the new operation under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Proetction of Employment Regulations). They should be transferred to the new operation and, if down-sizing is appropriate after the transfer, then there should be objective selection of staff to be made redundant, based on the larger pool of people in the new operation. But that is all, sadly, written in layman’s terms. The lawyers will no doubt make a fortune looking at this. I am sure the Murdochs are well ahead of the curve on this one.

Someone mentioned the phrase “evil genius” to describe the Murdoch operation. Well, let’s hope July 7th 2011 was the day that that “evil genius” finally got its come uppance.