The Dyson airblade – it blows your socks off while being very green

This is going to sound like a Dyson marketing department press release but I’ll go with it anyway. I’ve been using Dyson airblades increasingly to dry my hands in…er….facilities. They are popping up everywhere. They sort of blow your socks off while drying your hands in about half a nano second. They are the most effective, if not the only really effective, hand driers I have come across.

Putting your hands in one is like putting your hands in the jet stream of a Boeing 747.

So I joked, at first, that each one should have a live screen above them showing the Greenland iceberg melting as you use them – such were the carbon emissions which I imagined them giving off, due to their high power.

But I should not have jested in such a flagrantly unfounded way. I sat down and did a little googling and found that Dyson Airblades are so green that the Carbon Trust has awarded them a Carbon Reduction Label, the first ever given to a hand drier.

So that told me…

Here’s what the Carbon Trust say about the Dyson Airblade:

This commitment to Green Growth through design is exemplified by the Dyson Airblade™, a product the Carbon Trust has come to know well as a result of our product footprinting work with the company. The Dyson Airblade™ is ground-breaking – a design which:

  • Works by blasting a sheet of unheated air at 400 mph, to scrape water from hands in 10 seconds.
  • A small, long-life, low-energy and brushless motor spinning at 1,666 revolutions per second, the Dyson Digital motor produces enough air pressure for the Dyson Airblade™ to dry hands without the need for heat.
  • Doesn’t require a power-hungry heating element to work, unlike conventional hand dryers, making it 80% more energy efficient.
  • Avoids paper towel waste in landfills. 

Dyson approached us to learn and demonstrate how his model was energy efficient to minimise environmental impact, and to get our help to drive its carbon footprint even lower. We provided advice and data analysis using our Footprint Expert™ software. As a result of these efforts, The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer was certified by the Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company; the first ever hand dryer to be awarded the Carbon Reduction Label.

3 thoughts on “The Dyson airblade – it blows your socks off while being very green

  1. Paul,

    The Dyson is an effective dryer, but did you know that Mitsubishi actually came up with this idea in the early 90’s? They have been making them for over 15 years and they are all over Japan. It actually uses less energy than the Dyson and is quieter too.
    Glad to see that good alternatives to paper towels are around.

  2. The Dyson hand dryer is so powerful I have been very impressed by it! However Mitsubishi’s Jet Towel hand dryer uses a lot less energy and is much quieter, for me that makes it the better hand dryer option. Unlike the Dyson, Jet Towel have been recognised for its low energy consumption with a GreenSpec award, and they are a completly independent source!

    Micahel – I was suprised to see that Jet Towel was around first, says that it has been around since 1993!

    Paper towels are histroy and hand dryers are the way they look so much better!

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