The desperate, crazy and disingenuous arguments from NotoAV and its supporters

1. “Fiji is changing its mind on AV”

The Prime Minister, from Hansard 9th March:

I will be campaigning hard for a no vote in the referendum. I think that it is a relatively simple argument to make. We have a system that is simple, clear and easy to explain. The alternative vote is used in only three countries. They are Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea—and Fiji is beginning to change its mind.

So that sounds as if the great populace of Fiji has decided, as one, that they can’t stand AV anymore and want it replaced, right? Wrong. Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who obtained his position as Prime Minister after the latest of four military coups in Fiji, decided to change the voting system. For its failure to hold elections, Fiji was expelled both from the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth of nations in 2009.

2. Poster saying: “He (actor pretending to be a soldier) needs bulletproof vests not an alternative voting system. Say NO to spending £250million on AV. Our country can’t afford it.”

Where do you start with this one? It’s based on the downright lie that AV will cost more money than FPTP. And if you take the poster’s statement to its logical extreme, we’d stop having elections and spend money on wars instead.

But surely, if you’re fighting for your country, you’re entitled to a decent voting system to come home to and provide the government which supports you, are you not? Or do you have to put up with an 18th century hangover just so the government can afford bullet proof vests, which they should be providing anyway?

3. “If Olympic Ski Jumping had adopted #AV Eddie the Eagle might have won a Gold”

This tweet provides an interesting insight into the thinking of some of the NotoAV supporters.

Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards came last in the 70 metre ski jump at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. The ski jump is a measured event. If you jump the longest distance you win. It doesn’t even involve judges’ scores. So how “might Eddie the Eagle have won a Gold medal” under AV?

Here are some ideas:

  • AV may have caused all the other jumpers to throw their hands up in despair and not bother to jump
  • AV may have caused an earthquake in Calgary at the moment Eddie the Eagle jumped, consuming much of the ski jump landing area. Eddie then jumped over the resultant chasm in the earth’s surface, meaning that he jumped, technically, a further distance than he actually did.
  • When he jumped, AV may have caused Eddie the Eagle to emit a self-combusting fart which propelled him into Alaska, no doubt landing in Sarah Palin’s sitting room, which would have been fortuitous because she, I suspect, opposes AV.

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