Should broadcasters claim back tax on their TV? Should we be able to use ISAs to avoid tax? Is all tax avoidance relative?

During a fascinating discussion on tax avoidance, a radio broadcaster recently revealed that they claim back tax on their TV as a business expense. “I need to watch TV for my job”, they insisted.

It’s an interesting point. How can we criticise the Phillip Greens and the Vodafones of this world for (legal) tax avoidance when we ourselves are following the tax rules to pay less tax by, for example, by investing in ISAs?

In the same programme, the broadcaster allowed themselves to be congratulated on their child winning a schools competition, the result of which is on the internet, including the broadcaster’s child’s school name. I couldn’t resist then looking up the fees for that school. £4,350 a term.

…It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Claiming back tax on one’s TV while being able to pay out £1,100 a month to educate just one child.

– Nothing wrong with either things, of course. But it is interesting.

I haven’t named the broadcaster simply because I didn’t feel comfortable doing so, despite all the above information being easily available publicly. (A quick listen and two quick Google searches did it). I feel slightly sorry for the broadcaster. Due to work commitments they were unable to see their child winning the schools competition. So, is all that money and work worth it? Well, you pays your money and takes your choice. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

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